Stylish. Reliable. Affordable.

The ANYSHOP® e2, an addition to Posbank’s flagship model ANYSHOP® series, is a market-proven POS terminal. It is desgned to fit into any store environments. Powerful performance, stylish look, fast instllation and maintenance with minimal efforts. Everywhere you look, all exceed your expectation.

· POSBANK’s Iconic ANYSHOP® Series Design
· Fast and Powerful Performance
  Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad-Core Processor
  6th Generation Intel® Core™ and Penitum® Processors
· 15″ or 17″ LCD Display
· Resitive or PCAP Touch Selectable
· Multiple I/O Ports and Peripheral Options
· Dual Storage for Data Expansion
· Tool-less Design for Fast Installation and Easy Maintenance

Iconic ANYSHOP® Series Design.

POSBANK’s iconic ANYSHOP® series design makes your business and store more attractive to your cusomters. Customizable colors that fit your business can improve your brand identity and ba a key element of differentiation.

Superior Touch Display.

The bright and clear image from the ANYSHOP® e2 increases work efficiency. The 15” or 17” screen enables operators to minimize errors and work faster in hectic and busy environments. PCAP and 10-point multi-touch technology delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to smartphones or tablets. Fast touch response enables speedy operation. The resistive touch is available.

Tool-less Design for Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Its innovative tool-less design and modular technology allow quick access to the components, enabling fast and easy service and upgrades. A couple of turns of hand screws are away from major components of motherboard, storage and I/O ports etc. All this ensures rapid intallation as well. The ANYSHOP® e2 can save your precious time and reduce cost.


  • الشركة : Posbank
  • النوع : e2
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • S.R2,760.00

  • السعر بدون ضريبة : S.R2,400.00

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